Double consonants in Spanish

Unlike other languages, in Spanish only 4 consonants can appear doubled up: C, R, L, N. You can remember it using the word “CaRoLiNa“.


  • With CC: elección, dirección, acción, protección, diccionario.
  • With RR: perro, carretera, correo, barrio.
  • With LL: llave, silla, collar, amarillo.
  • With NN: connotación, perenne.

Other words like pizza or puzzle don’t attend this rule because they are loan words.

I will take advantage of this post to share with you a very famous Spanish song: CAROLINA. Band: M Clan (from Madrid, Spain). I am not a fan of this band but I think it could help you to remember about the use of double consonants in Spanish. Have fun!


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