Learn Spanish with songs

Do you like music? Would you like to learn Spanish while listening to music? Sometimes students ask me if there is any website to practice Spanish with music. Well, there are some!

As an example, you can try to use lyricstraining.com

How to use lyricstraining.com without registration?

  1. Go to the website.
  2. On the top right of the site, find the word “Idioma” and choose Spanish. You can also practice other languages that you will find on that list.Learn Spanish with music
  3. You can now search a particular song if you click on “Buscar”. If you don’t have any specific song in mind, you can click on “Géneros” to see the available songs for each category. In my case, I am going to click on “Indie”, which should content songs in Spanish of independent bands.Spanish songs lyrics learn
  4. Now the different available songs will display on the screen. If you want to order them by artist name, click on “Ordenar: Más Nuevas” and select “Artista”. lyricstraining order
  5. I am going to select the song “Dinero” of the band “Los Punsetes”. I click in the song and after that, I see a new page where I must select my “Modo de Juego”. I will choose “Principiante”.elige modo juego learn Spanish with songs
  6. A blue screen with a “play” sign will appear. But right after we click on that “play”, we will be invited to register. Well, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. How? Just click on “Quizás en otro momento”.lyricstraining learn Spanish no registration
  7. After clicking on “Quizás en otro momento” your song will start playing and you will visualize it as Karaoke, so you can practice your Spanish while reading and singing lyrics. Some of the words will appear as “****”. That means you can fill in the gaps as well! Such a great way to learn Spanish with songs, isn’t it?lyricstraining punsetes practice Spanish

I hope this post is useful. Now you can learn Spanish with songs!

Have fun! Viel Spaß!


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